Dexter Slice of Life Brings Killing to Facebook, Officially Arrives In September

Dexter Slice Of Life - Facebook Game

Facebook has some unsolved murder cases on their hands, but don’t worry the sites serial killers are about to get a taste of their own medicine when users log onto Dexter Slice of Life a new Showtime sponsored game that allows users to step into Dexter’s shoes.

The game was first shown off at Comic-Con when game creator Ecko Code displayed a trailer for the serial killer vigilante game.

Speaking with Mashable Ecko Code founder Mark Ecko says the game will feature the following game play:

The game will launch on Facebook alongside the Season 6 television premiere. Players will take on the role of Dexter Morgan — the serial killer of serial killers — and they’ll be tasked with stalking victims, satisfying the dark passenger, finding evidence and completing missions. It’s the first Facebook game to offer real-time stealth gameplay.

The game will mirror the events of each new episode. In fact, “Dexter Slice of Life” players can expect to awake to updates Monday after each Sunday evening airing.

Taking the game to an entirely new level, Ecko is using social media analysis tools to determine story lines, develop characters and find key show moments that resonate with fans in an attempt to blur the lines between the game and the Showtime series.

The company hopes to create “Cas-Core gaming” which is a mixture of casual and hardcore gaming and includes 3D massively multiplayer online client controls.

Here’s the Facebook games trailer to get you ready for the action to come:

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