No More Final Meal Requests Thanks To One Death Row Inmate

final meal

Texas prisoners set to be executed have been stripped of the traditional ‘final meal’ after a white supremacist ruined it for everybody else.

via Getty Images; Lawrence Russell Brewer

Lawrence Russell Brewer, 44, was executed in September 2011. The final meal he ordered consisted of a triple-patty bacon cheeseburger, a cheese omelette with beef mince, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers and jalapenos, and two chicken fried steaks with gravy and sliced onions. Wait, there’s more; he was too served a pound of barbecued meat with half a loaf of white bread, three fajitas, a meat pizza, and fried okra with ketchup. And just when you were pondering, that’s got to be it – don’t fret, because it was not. Brewer ordered also a pint of ice cream and with crushed peanuts and peanut butter fudge. Oh, not leaving out the three root beers to wash it all down.

Prison officers probably presumed they were about to witness a really impressive feat. However, not quite. Once his food came, he told the guards he wasn’t hungry in one final attempt to ‘make a mockery of the system’, accordant to State Senator, John Whitmire. Lawrence Russell Brewer was handed the sentence of capital punishment for participating in the racially-motivated homicide of James Byrd Jr. His accessary, John William King, was executed on Wednesday though he did not get the opportunity to select any special meal and he’s only got his deceased buddy Brewer to thank for that.

Texas death row prisoners now are denied special requests and are merely given whatever food’s on the menu for each and every inmates. The day following Brewer’s last act of spite in 2011, lawmakers in Texas were irate and as a result elected to bring a halt to the personalized meal on death row tradition for good. Speaking on Brewer, State Senator John Whitmire – who called for the prohibition – explained back then to news outlets: “He never gave his victim an opportunity for a last meal. Why in the world are you going to treat him like a celebrity two hours before you execute him? It’s wrong to treat a vicious murderer in this fashion. Let him eat the same meal on the chow line as the others.”


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