David Bowie and Sea Slugs Go Well Together On This Tumblr

David Bowie

David Bowie may just met his flamboyant match in an unexpected family of critters.

The iconic pop star has lived his life to the fullest as one of the most prolific, moving, and influential artists in our century. He created memorable characters such as Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, and The Thin White Duke, and has composed song that have rocked the soundtracks of our lives over the decades. Bowie has also constantly transformed himself into a style icon through the decades, his fashion morphing from look to look and character to character.

This tumblr has seen the glory that is David Bowie, and has pad tribute to his timeless panache and presence with one of the best ways known to science: matching his looks with sea slugs.


Because seriously, these underwater nudibranches are gorgeous in their varied textures and colors, and match “The Man Who Fell to Earth”.


There’s no denying the ethereal and unearthly beauty on both.


This blog will make all your David-Bowie-nudibranch wishes come true.


It’s a color match made in heaven.


Down to the ’90s hair phase, frosted tips and blue streaks all.


Let them light up your night.


Pattern perfection.


You rock me, Amadeus. #RoccocoRealness.


Let’s not forget the look that made all our childhoods swoon.


Enjoy this slice of a lemon dream. Goes well with a steaming cup of Earl Grey and London fog.


Sharp, clean, classy in beige and white. David Bowie (and Nudibranch friend) are the stuff of sweet, sweet dreams.


And that last (posthumous) look that broke our hearts all over the world.



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