Cringefest: Rudy Giuliani Makes Disgusting Remark About Hillary Clinton

Very few people, historians included, can recall a time when the world was as divided as it is right now. There seem to be only two sides, and both have become extreme and honestly, hurtful and woefully ignorant. A perfect example of this insensitivity and or bullying we are seeing on such a wide scale right now, former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani recently attended a Republican Ball held by Trump at his Mar-A-Lago ballroom (doesn’t sound pretentious at all) and made a comment about Hillary Clinton’s weight. When mentioning he had been there before for Trump’s (19th or so) wedding, he said Hillary had also been there before and, wait for it:

“and she actually fit through the door.”

Wow, a fat joke? REALLY? I mean, REALLY?? THAT REALLY JUST HAPPENED?! Yes, yes it did. This court-jester just put the RUDE back in the name Rudy.

Also,that just shows you how low we have sunk as a society, for real. When the people meant to represent us and speak for us are LITERALLY bullying each other in the cruelest of ways, it kind of lets you know this world is most certainly in a downward spiral. And to Rudy Giuliani, grow up. That was a gala, not a Comedy Central roast. That ‘Trump ideal’ of social media and pop culture bullying is only being perpetuated by jackasses like you.

Now go back to your corner, no one cares about you anymore. That was a sad and desperate attempt to make yourself relevant again and it crashed and burned just like you let your city do on 9/11.

See, we can bully and make tasteless jokes, too!




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