‘Criminal’ Crime Author Uses Own Murders To Write Novels; Finally Gets Sentenced To Death

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One enemy of writers or people who write just about anything is the notorious writer’s block. There are different ways to combat and alleviate such a mental disposition, often involving inspirational activities. However, one Chinese writer and crime author took this to the extreme with his novels.

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53-year-old Liu Yongbiao, 53 was one of the most acclaimed authors in China. It turns out, some of what he wrote was not fiction at all and was based on actual events that he himself perpetrated. In particular, the murder stories in his books, which he admitted was inspired by a multiple murder he committed himself.

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23 years ago, back in November 1993, Liu, along with his accomplice Wang Mouming robbed and killed a family of three and a lodger in a guest house. The two tied up their four victims before murdering them with clubs and hammers. Both Liu and Wang were never caught after this. In fact, in the two decades after they committed the crime, Liu has gained much fame and several awards in China as an author.

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Liu admitted that his past crime inspired some of his novels. Although, he never based any of the books’ characters on the people he had murdered. It wasn’t until last year that Liu and Wang’s consciences have caught up to them. The two admitted the crime and pleaded guilty after an extensive police investigation. A cigarette was found at the crime scene after the murder case was relaunched and it contained Liu’s DNA. Consequently, they were both sentenced to death during late July of this year.

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Meanwhile, Liu claimed that they only killed their victims because they looked wealthy. However, he and Wang were only able to loot a watch, a ring and the equivalent of $1.50 from one of their victims. Still, Liu accepted his sentence wholeheartedly and confessed that he deserved to die “100 times” for his crime.

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