Crazy Grandma Photo Prank Will Have You Questioning Your Sanity [Video]

just for laughs

Redditor Rojugi wrote “the best pranks don’t scare or annoy, they make the victim question their own sanity” with the above video, submitted to r/videos today.

To that, we say:

god damn right gif

The clip originally comes from Just for Laughs: Gags, a Canadian Candid Camera-style prank show on the air since 2000. Here’s the description of the video from JFL’s YouTube channel:

“This crazy old lady who seems to be talking to herself tells people that its her husband and asks people to take a polaroid picture with him. With a flash, the invisible husband becomes visible. Surely there must be an explanation.”

The video was originally uploaded to YouTube in February 2011, but is going viral online again today thanks to reddit, where it has received nearly 2,500 upvotes on r/videos.

Check out the “crazy grandma photo prank” above and let us know what you think in the comments. How would you feel if you were asked to take a photo of a person’s imaginary friend, looked at the photo, and saw a person that you’re sure isn’t actually there?

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