Cop’s Hand Chopped Off with Sword while Enforcing Lockdown Measures


On Monday, a police officer’s hand was hacked off with a sword while he was attempting to impose lockdown measures instituted due to the novel COVID-19.

Harjit Singh, Punjab police’s assistant sub-inspector, had his hand chopped off while patrolling outside a veggie market. While combing the area, a truck hauling seven men, who belong to the Nihangs (a Sikh minority warrior sect), was stopped at a barricade. When the guys in the vehicle were queried for valid travel passes, one of them snatched out a sword and chopped the officer’s hand off. The primary perpetrator of the assault is named Baba Balwinder Singh, one of the Nihang group leaders.

“The accused included five persons involved in the attack on the police team posted at the vegetable market in Sanaur early on Sunday morning. They had crashed through a series of barricades and attacked the police personnel who inquired about their curfew passes,” said Director General of Police Dinkar Gupta. The group of males traveling in the truck were apprehended shortly after and several cops, including Singh, were transited to the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research. Authorities arrested seven men and placed them into custody, and an investigation is underway presently.

Singh endured numerous hours of surgery, with physicians reattaching his disconnected hand to his wrist. “I am happy to share that a 7 ½ hour-long surgery has been successfully completed in PGI to repair the severed wrist of ASI Harjeet Singh. I thank the entire team of doctors and support staff for their painstaking effort. Wishing ASI Harjeet Singh a speedy recovery,” Chief Minister of Punjab Amarinder Singh wrote in a tweet.


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