Fake Officer Joins Real Police Chase, Then Cuffs Suspect At Gunpoint


A man from North Carolina was arrested after law enforcement say he pretended to be an officer during a police chase, local media outlets report.

Cops with the Wilson Police Department stopped a vehicle in Oct. at a grocery store in Wilson approx 11 p.m. in search of a potential murder suspect, accordant to reporters, however as they approached it, officers say the driver raced off. The force had been chasing the car for roughly 2 miles when a dark colored Ford Taurus with blue lights whizzed past the officers, pulled in front of the suspect vehicle and slowed down, outlets reported.

via Flipboard; David Adams’ (left upper corner) suspect chase aspirations led to him receiving multiple felony charges

The suspect vehicle, now pinned between the police car and the Taurus, was forced to halt. The operator of the Taurus, 30-year-old David Adams, stepped out of his car and, detectives say, forced the five males out of the suspect automobile at gunpoint then bound their wrists and searched the driver, accordant to police reports. The cop, who were uncertain if he was actually an officer, screamed at Adams to cease what he was doing, although police say he fled the scene before officers could converse with him.

Law enforcement later concluded Adams was not a “sworn law enforcement officer” and apprehended him Monday, reporters say. The five guys in the car were too arrested after cops say Codeine pills, MDMA pills and a Vyvanse pill and $709 were unearthed in their car, accordant to reports. One of the males in the vehicle was the brother of the murder suspect, cops say.


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