Contraceptive Jewelry Could Give Women A Snazzy Form Of Birth Control


Scientists are being motivated by existent technology to muster up a notion for contraception to be distributed via jewelry.

Earrings, rings, choker necklaces and wristwatches could all be fair game. It takes the thought of skin patch technology that exists already, and adjusts it. The contraceptive patch would function the same just in the form of earring backs. The concept is about discretion more so than style or vanity, as there are times when it’s required, specifically, in particular cultures where birth control is ostracized still, or in relationships where a lover may disagree with contraception.

via ECN Mag

“Many jewelry items, such as earrings, rings, necklaces, wristwatches, and other items make direct contact with the skin and thereby could discreetly house a transdermal patch,” said author Mark Prausnitz. Thus far, the jewelry, which possesses the hormone levonorgestrel, has been tested on the skin of hairless rats and the ears of pigs. The earring patches contain three layers: a rubberized adhesive that affixes to the earring back, one that includes the exact contraceptive drug, plus a skin adhesive to hold it in tact so the hormone can be engrossed by the body.

Since women will remove the jewelry while sleeping most likely, the researchers adhered the patches for 16 hours and then took them off for 8 hours. Studies displayed that throughout this period, levonorgestrel levels fell, however too low to be futile. Though, the earring back probably will need to be switched out every week. “Acceptability may be increased because wearing pharmaceutical jewelry feels less like a medical intervention and more like a component of normal daily activity,” Prausnitz added. “The more contraceptive options that are available, the more likely it is that the needs of individual women can be met.”


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