Birth Control Taking Woman Gets Preggo With Triplets On First Date


One woman utilizing birth control pills to eliminate the risk of unwanted pregnancy, wound up pregnant anyway with triplets after sex on a first date.

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What occurred on the initial date with your spouse?” A great dinner table inquiry. An ordinary reply is met at Starbucks, or had dinner and a movie. For Hannah Donaghue, though, her first date was a bit more intriguing – she got knocked up with triplets!

If implemented properly, the pill, has a 99% success rate of ceasing egg fertilization and in everyday pattern has roughly a 91% success rate. That means Donaghue was either extremely unlucky, or fortunate, depending on how you view it.

“I had split up with my boyfriend at this point and wasn’t looking to meet anyone new. But then I bumped into Ben at a party,” stated Donaghue. ‘Bumped,’ as in bump and grind, because several weeks later she made a doctor’s appointment after experiencing some abnormal bleeding. The physician informed her that she could be pregnant.

“I lay on the table and the sonographer ran the scanner over my stomach. ‘There’s one heartbeat. And there’s the second one,'” Donaghue explained. “And there’s the third one,” the sonographer informed her. “I thought she must have been joking. I was still in shock as she pointed out the three heartbeats flickering on the screen. I couldn’t believe it – and neither could Ben. I hadn’t even been expecting to fall pregnant with one baby again – let alone three.”

After 32 weeks, Donaghue birthed two girls and a boy, Lester, Ella Rose and Kasey, via C-section.

“They were so tiny but they were really strong and we were allowed to take them home after 18 days. By this point, Ben had moved in and for the first few weeks it felt like a whirlwind had hit the house,” said Donaghe. “The triplets have more than doubled our family. I’ve also traded in my Mini for a seven-seater car – and I’ve well and truly given up on the pill.”

Oddly, this was not Donaghue’s first time becoming pregnant while taking the pill. She already had two kids actually despite being on birth control.


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