Colorado Man Out Of Control, Keeps Putting Up Funny Puns In Road Signs

Photo by Facebook/Indian Hills Community Sign

Just when you thought Colorado could not get any weirder with their laws and their people, one man named Vince Rozmiarek went all out to make the state a pun-derland. So if you were planning to go and visit the said U.S. state, then you are sure to have pun time because the said man kept putting up road signs with his thematic and seasonal puns.

Punny enough– sorry, funny enough, what Rozmiarek is doing began as an April Fools’ joke, five years ago. It was a good thing he kept the tradition going, otherwise driving on those Colorado roads would have been pun-ishing… okay I’ll stop now.

So yes, Rozmiarek has been having fun with the road signs ever since. He actually has a weekly pun change schedule, putting up new and fresh puns twice every week.

Rozmiarek kept on doing it because he simply wanted to make people laugh. The first road sign pun he ever did sort of helped the police since a lot of speed trap violators were driving in the town of Morrison, which is next to Indian Hills. So he put up a road sign saying “Indian Hills annexed by Morrison, slow down.” This caused drew a lot of attention.

Up until now, Rozmiarek is still killing it with the road sign puns. He even makes them based on the seasons and holidays. However, it seems his specialty are food, vegan, and vegetable puns, though, at one point, it sparked off quite a commotion among vegans and their haters.

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