CollegeHumor Starts Facebook Campaign To Refund Dreadlocked Banana Guy

dreadlocked banana guy

You probably heard about the New Hampshire man who blew his entire life savings on a carnival game only to walk away with a dreadlocked banana and absolutely zero dignity. The website CollegeHumor has now offered to bail the guy out of his dilemma, and it’s something you can help with.

Henry Gribbohm, a 30-year-old New Hampshire man, blew $2,600 (his life savings) on a carnival game in a misguided attempt to win an Xbox Kinect. When he lost his initial $300 (the retail price of the gaming system) he went home to retrieve the $2,300 stuffed in his mattress and returned to place a few double-or-nothing bets.

Naturally, he lost everything.

The carny running the rigged game apparently took pity on Gribbohm, and offered him $600 back as well as a consolation prize: A giant, dreadlocked banana. Yeah, that’s kind of like an Xbox Kinect.

Anyway, CollegeHumor has launched a Facebook campaign to give Gribbohm his money back.

We normally like to make fun of Facebook campaigns that promise sociopolitical change or pledge to unseat African warlords against the number of “likes” they mop up, but CollegeHumor’s banana guy campaign will actually turn out a result beyond ambiguous “awareness.”

They say that if you “like” this post here, and 26,000 other people do the same, the humor site will buy the odious dreadlocked banana, now an immortal symbol of hubris and shame, from Gribbohm for $2,600.

Bonus: If the “likes” top 30,000, they’ll even buy Gribbohm the Xbox Kinect he was angling for.

CollegeHumor also asks that if you actually know Henry Gribbohm personally to email them at

What do you think of CollegeHumor’s pledge to bail out the dreadlocked banana guy?

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