This College Is Actually Paying People To NOT Attend Their School


A college wants to compensate incoming in-state students to delay their inaugural date and not attend the campus for up to a year.

via Wset; Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech budgeted $3.3 million to squelch the anticipated 7,500-student freshman class, which officials have stated would burden the town. The university has noted this class would be its biggest. Three options are available students can select from: Option 1: Guaranteed Admissions Program GAP2020 – Take a gap year, with guaranteed admission to Virginia Tech in fall 2020. This option permits you to take a gap year and obtain an additional $1,000 scholarship inexhaustible for up to four years. You’ll now have the chance to work, travel, join in a service project, or any other undertaking that sits well with you. We will honor your present Virginia Tech scholarships and give you precedence for on-campus housing next year when you enroll at Virginia Tech.

Option 2: Guaranteed Admission Transfer Program GRANT2020 – Wait a year to enroll at Virginia Tech while taking classes at your community college. Select this option and save your initial day on campus for fall 2020. You’ll be guaranteed admission still, and we will respect your current Virginia Tech scholarships and prioritize you for on-campus housing next year when you enroll. This option too gives you a grant equal to the expenses you will pay for fees and tuition for attendance at a VCCS (Virginia Community College System) institution throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. In addition, you are qualified to apply for a grant to support an internship for up to $5,000, co-ops (cooperative learning experience), study abroad or other existential learning options during your enrollment at Virginia Tech. We will offer academic recommending support to assure that your VCCS credits will count and transfer toward your Virginia Tech degree.

Option 3: Experience 2020 – Summer start and summer finisher tuition-free, with fall or spring enrollment on campus. Begin taking classes at Virginia Tech during the summer session (which starts July 9) with 6 credits (2 courses) tuition-free. Then enroll full-time (15 credits) commencing in either the fall or spring semester. In the midst of your term away from Blacksburg, you can opt to take a semester off to travel, engage in a service project, work, enroll at a community college or any other endeavor that is pertinent to you. Return to campus to complete the academic year in the summer of 2020 with up to 9 credits (3 courses) tuition-free. An extra grant of up to $2,000 will be available to you to support co-ops, internships, or other authorized experiential learning possibilities during your enrollment at Virginia Tech. Regular fees and tuition apply for fall or spring semesters.


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