Man Sues University For $3 Million Due To Loss Of ‘Sex Drive’ After Getting Kicked Out

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There are many reasons for not being as *ahem* youthful as you were before. It could be due to aging, marriage problems, or sad life events… like getting kicked out of a university while pursuing your Ph.D. Such a predicament happened to one Indian-born man in Australia; he’s now suing the school for $3 million since he lost his sex drive after getting expelled.

52-year-old Kuldeep Singh Mann was an aspiring doctor-to-be from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia. He chose to pursue a research degree at a prestigious college in the said university and even paid a hefty $20,000 tuition. The Indian-born student also works at 7-Eleven.

However, James Cook University immediately expelled him from the admission after he was given a “Grade Fail” despite him meeting the entry requirements. In the school’s defense, they claimed that Mann would fail to balance his work commitments and is “not up to the mark” for the course. Additionally, he was also accused of plagiarism.

“It has stopped my sex life. I have no sex drive. There is no stimulation in my organs. I have never had this problem before. I don’t feel any blood down there,” lamented Mann. Mann also claims that his reputation was lost forever and is now suffering from intense depression. Hence, he is now suing James Cook University for $3,125,000 (AUD).

Moreover, Mann also accused the university of enrolling and accepting him into the Ph.D. program just to have him spend thousands of dollars on the admission fee. Now, among many other psychological problems, Mann is also dealing with a lack of sex drive. Meanwhile, James Cook University has refused to comment on the ongoing legal case.

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