Children’s Social Network ‘Everloop’ Raises $3.1 Million

Everloop Screen Grab

Children’s social networking firm Everloop which focuses on members from the age of 8-13 has raised $3.1 million during a recent round of funding.

The company has raised money in the pass during early angel funding, however this newest round proves that their concept is admired by at least some investors in the social networking sector.

The Everloop site features various “loops” which allow users to discuss different topics such as “Facebook vs. Everloop” and they are said to be compatible with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, for example users can’t post personal identification information on the website and inappropriate behavior and cyber bullying is weeded out by Everloop staff to ensure the safety of their young users.

The $3.1 million funding round is expected to help Everloop enter the classroom, one of their main goals that was announced earlier this year when the company announced that they had teamed up with i-Safe.

The company also took some time to announce that SMS messaging through their EverText application is now supported.

According to VentureBeat the new round of funding comes from: vFormation, Band of Angels, Envoi Ventures, Richard Chino, Wayne Goodrich of Apple, Deena Burnett-Bailey of Angels of Hope, and others.

James Kosur

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