Celebrities Using their Influence in US Protests for George Floyd


Since the death of George Floyd on May 25th, the severity of the US protests had been increasing. In fact, the protests started spreading from one county to an entire state. In a few days, the entire country was protesting. It was only a matter of time when it started spreading to the entire world.

The issue of racial inequality and police brutality had been an on-and-off issue not only in the US but all over the world. An unforgivable incident will happen, soon people will start to rally on the streets. The government will start to take notice but will rarely follow through with the promises that they made. The issue will go silent until another unforgivable incident occurs once again. However, the embers of the movement never really died down. It quietly continued to burn in the darkness, waiting.

The #BlackLivesMatter protests continue to spread like wildfire all over the US

The US protests had been horrifying for the past week. The riots, the looting, the violence, the tear gas, the rubber bullets – a peaceful rally turned into a violent protest. Even so, the movement has never been this strong before. It would seem that change really is going to come.

Since it is a very hot topic right now, a lot of fans have their eyes on many celebrities if they would actively participate, indirectly deny, or aggressively support the movement. Undeniably, there had been multiple mishaps and criticisms for many. Nevertheless, countless A-list celebrities did not disappoint. Here are a few of them:

Musicians Supporting the US Protests

Lady Gaga

The queen, Lady Gaga, is one of the most famous activist-celebrities in the world. She is known to widely support the Pride Movement. Now, she is also known to widely support the #BlackLivesMatter movement as well. Recently, she published an open letter/statement calling out the government for lacking support in the matter. She also outrightly declared that she is actively supporting the movement.

Ariana Grande

The young singer posts actively on Twitter about her stance on the US protests. In fact, she uses her influence to gain more media coverage on peaceful rallies around the US. This was after she retweeted Tinashe’s Twitter post claiming that the media does not want the world to see that there are peaceful US protests. She also uses her influence to get people to sign petitions and donate.


Now, Halsey is one active girl. She is one of the famous musicians who actively take part in the protests. She is on the frontlines of the rallies, as seen on her Twitter posts. In fact, she was heralded for giving medical care for protesters who were injured.

Actors and their Massive Following

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Over the past few hours, the famous actor The Rock trended online after posting a very emotional video about the US protests. He was passionately calling the US government for action, saying that this is the time when America needs a great leader. He continued to question “Where is our leader?” pointing out in the end that the leader we need is in all of us.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast

Since the first day of the US protests, thousands of people had been jailed by the police all over the country. Impressively, the Brooklyn Nine-Nine cast donated a total amount of 100,000 USD to bail out those protesters who are still in jail.

John Boyega

The influence of the US protests reaches the world less than a day after Goerge Floyd’s death. It is inevitable for celebrities living outside of the US to also support the movement. Star Wars actor John Boyega is one of these great celebrities. He even said that he does not care even if he loses his career after the protests.

Politicians on the US Protests

Barrack Obama

Of course, where can we get encouraging words other than the former president himself? He is the first Black American president to the United States and may have great influence over this issue. Although right now, the country’s future is not in his hands, his influence can become an inspiration for many. Barrack Obama became trending online, once again, after a speech he made about the death of the late George Floyd. He believes that the US protests have a great chance to change America, and make it great once again.

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