Celebrating Black History Month on Twitter

Image by ekavesh from Pixabay

It’s the first day of Black History Month and the excitement is contagious! Celebrations are being held everywhere both IRL and virtually (while following COVID-related health restrictions, of course) and everyone is ecstatic for all the festivities. So much has happened in the last year and anti-racism protests are widespread in the world. This takes the symbolism of Black History Month on a much higher level of importance. So much more important not only for people of color but for the youth who are going to be strongly (and hopefully, positively) affected by all these. This month is the best time to honor, remember, and celebrate all African-Americans from the past to the present. We should all commemorate how they have pushed to change the course of history.

We should really just celebrate diversity and culture ALL YEAR ROUND. But you know, there’s nothing wrong with celebrating a little more extra this month. Let’s all spread the good vibes and celebrate Black History Month together.

Here’s how Twitter is celebrating Black History Month:

Representation in children’s literature

Remembering extraordinary citizens who changed the course of history

Celebrating pioneers and leaders that influenced better governance for African-Americans

Everyone’s #BLM Game is so much more INSPIRING and POWERFUL

This SHOULD really be celebrated all year

YASS! Highlight all these wonderful artists

Keep it fun and light with the #FillInTheBlack card game

These wonderful women should inspire all of us

Honoring African-American scientists and their contributions to society

We’re in 2021 and we’re still celebrating so many firsts

The Black Lives Matter Movement is nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021

Finally, let’s just keep these good vibes flowing

Happy Black History Month, y’all!

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