10 Times Jojo Siwa’s LGBT Reveal is great for Kids and Parents

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jojo Siwa’s LGBT reveal is the talk of the town after she posted a photo of her wearing a shirt given to her by her cousin. It says “Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.” she has not verbally confirmed anything but a lot of her friends and fans have congratulated her on the ‘gram. But of course, Twitter has a lot to say about it. Talks online had been quite rifted. While everyone stans Siwa as the new queen of the LGBT youth, a lot of people are expressing their concerns that parents will be mad at the reveal. Thankfully, though, a lot of parents expressed their thanks that this event can normalize LGBT youth in media.

Here are some of the sweet moments Jojo Siwa’s LGBT reveal is great for kids and parents:

A lot of genderqueer kids look up to her

Non-LGBT kids and parents can learn from the experience, too

Hate comes from parents that teach kids about hate

She already has all the merch…

…and parents already spent thousands on them

Thanks for letting the kids know it’s okay to be themselves

So sweet!! My almost 6 y/o daughter Jazz wanted to make you a video but she got a little shy thinking you might actually watch it ???? She wanted to tell you how much she loves you and your music and wanted to thank you for letting her know it’s ok to be herself, no matter what ❤️

— Esti ????‍????????✡️ (@MusicalAbuse) January 26, 2021

She may well be the LGBT youth icon

A normalized, healthy LGBT youth representation on media

That’s so important – the feeling of safety in coming out

Finally, the future looks bright for the new, younger generation of LGBT

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