Distribution Company Seeking Their First Professional Spliff Roller


A CBD distributor has placed an advert seeking a talented spliff roller to join their team, who can roll the ‘perfect pure spliff in under five minutes’.


The Hemp Earth Dispensary sent out a call for Britain’s first professional spliff roller, with a contest for all chosen candidates to be held on February 27th. The ad explained that ‘only legal herbal products’ are used in their ‘blunts’, which will be formed utilizing organic rolling paper and 0.7gms of HED’s ‘finest CBD Flowers’.

The $13.22 per hour staff position is only part-time, so weekly the in-house spliff-roller will only work a couple of hours. The advertisement states: “We are seeking the crème de la crème of Brighton based spliff rollers to come and join our team at Hemp Earth Dispensary.

“Can you roll the perfect pure spliff in under five minutes? If so then we want you! Come to Hemp Earth Dispensary on Wednesday, February 27 at 2pm for a spliff rolling contest. You roll, we’ll time you. If you’re the fastest and make the prettiest spliff, then we’ll keep you.”

A Hemp Earth Dispensary spokesman said: “We discourage anyone from attempting to bring any prohibited substances on to our premises. Our aim as a company is to promote holistic health, utilizing the benefits of legal hemp and cannabinoid derived products. Where health is concerned, vaping is a far more health conscious method of taking in herbs through inhalation.

“Some people do choose to smoke which is known to be unhealthy. Smoking is a very ancient practice, and we feel that if one must smoke, combusting and inhaling pure, (and legal), healing herbs rather than tobacco is a more advantageous choice. We began this event more than anything as a light-hearted way of engaging with our local community.

“We would like to make clear we are not offering a full time ‘job role’ here, and we are are hoping that those that do come along on the day, do so in a good-natured way, ready to have some fun, and engage with each other. The person we do select will be asked to produce some hand made rolls of legal herbal mixture for any of our customers that might request this – this will be for a maximum of eight hours per calendar month. More than anything we wish to stress, that nothing illegal is ever present on the premises at any time, and attempting to bring any prohibited substances on to our premises is strictly forbidden.”


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