Cartoonists Protest Against Turkey’s Block Of Twitter

Twitter cartoonist

In today’s world you would think that politicians would realize that technology-savvy people can always find a way around attempts to block popular social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Turkey has recently attempted to ban the social media platforms, like Twitter and YouTube, which has largely backfired. Cartoonists have went to the frontlines in protest of the anti-censorship movement.

This weekend, Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be up for reelection. Erdogan attempted to ban Twitter to prevent information about corruption and leaks of phone recordings that support the allegations from getting out.

Users turned to other social media platforms immediately after Erdogan banned Twitter, although some users were still able to find their way around using the platform. YouTube was also blocked recently.

Cartoonist Carlos Latuff who typically focuses on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, decided to artistically target Erdogan.

During the Arab Spring social media was utilized to overcome censorship and countries such as Syria, India, Malaysia, and Iran, have also followed suit.

Turkish courts overturned Erdogan’s ban, and the ban was also shamed by Twitters own president.

[Photo Credit: NationalPost]



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