Falcons’ Roddy White To Follow Through With Twitter Bet

Roddy White Football Player

Roddy White, wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons, made a bet with a Twitter follower that Duke would beat Mercer in the second round of the 2014 NCAA tournament, and lost.

The 78-71 upset the Bears pulled over the Blue Devils was a shock to everyone. Then all eyes became fixated on White to see if he would pay up.

At first Roddy White tweeted that he would give the follower season tickets on the 50-yard line, but then he later changed it to he would give the fan two tickets to the Falcons’ game against the Chicago Bears.

After an outcry from Twitter users shaming Roddy White for changing up the terms, he decided to make it an even better deal.

White has a valid point that he doesn’t have to pay up anything, but if you’re going to make a public bet you should probably stay true to your word, which White was classy enough to do.

In 2009 White signed a six year $50 million deal, so it’s safe to say losing the bet will in no way harm him anyway, in fact it’s good publicity.

Chris Atkins

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