Carnegie Mellon University Accidentally Sends 800 Prospective Students Acceptance Emails, Then Retracted Acceptance Hours Later

Carnegie Mellon

There are good days, then there are bad days, then there are the days you are an aspiring computer scientist who thinks he/she has just gotten into the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University only to have that dream crushed hours later.

800 prospective students who applied to Carnegie Mellon University’s computer science masters program thought they were accepted by email. Then received a second email retracting their acceptance, aka stomping on 800 dreams. Mass emails can be real disappointing when the “Congrats” email gets sent to the wrong group.

Basically the first email congratulates the recipients on their admission to “the Master of Science program in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon. You are one of the select few, less than 9% of the more than 1200 applicants, that we are inviting. We’re convinced this is the right place for you. Welcome to Carnegie Mellon!”

It is a standard “Welcome and congrats” email, but it was followed by a terrible one just 7 hours later.

What makes it worse is the horrid subject line of the following email. “Subject: CORRECTION OF PRIOR EMAIL / REVOCATION OF OFFER OF ADMISSION TO MS IN CS PROGRAM.”

*face slap*

The rest of the retracted email reads:

“Earlier this morning, we mistakenly sent you an offer of admission to Carnegie Mellon’s MS in CS program. This was an error on our part. While we certainly appreciate your interest in our program, we regret that we are unable to offer you admission this year.

We received a large number of applications this year from well-qualified applicants and we had many difficult decisions to make.

Thanks you very much for your interest in Carnegie Mellon’s MS in CS program. You are certainly free to reapply in the future, at which time your application will again receive full consideration.

Again, we are sorry for our miscommunication earlier today and we apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this has caused.

PS: Please acknowledge receipt of this retraction.

Frank Pfenning
President’s Professor of Computer Science and Department Head
Computer Science Department
Carnegie Mellon University”

So on top of not getting in, but thinking you did, then seeing you did not, you have to respond saying you received the “sorry” email. #WorstBadDayEver

[Emails published/Photo credit by Gawker]

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