Car History Site Pranks Everyone With A Promise ‘Date Checker’?

date checker

What if we told you there was a way to avoid those awful first dates. Now that could be a reality! We have received word that a new tool has been created to reduce the number of misleading ‘dates’ people go on.

Regular users of dating apps can relax knowing that they will no longer be deceived when moving forward with a romantic interest thanks to the introduction of the ‘date checker’.

The new tool created by vehicle history check specialists, HPI, pioneers of the HPI Check® has been built to tackle the number of misleading and ‘cat fishing’ incidents that occur for both millennials and the general public a-like.

Proving to the nation that not everything is always as it seems and that looks can often be deceiving, the online tool mimics the information provided by a HPI vehicle check. However, instead of revealing whether a car has had a bad history of owners or modifications, this test will help determine the decision about a future lover.

By entering the social media username of a potential romantic interest, candidates are directed through a series of questions before receiving an answer on whether they should move forward with their connection, or reconsider and swipe left.

Those out there with a large list of ex-lovers should be warned that mileage is taken into consideration, and the number of partners a person has previously had could have an impact on whether an A+ is awarded.

The tool doesn’t however just focus on an individual’s background. It also identifies potential threats with the maintenance levels of a person. ‘Fleeky’ well-groomed eyebrows and a full face of make-up might look appealing on the exterior, but could result in a fail on the test.

Modifications can also have an impact on whether a pass is obtained. Lip fillers and breast enlargements might be the ‘in thing’ for some of the globe’s top celebrities, but these have also been taken into consideration and used as screening mechanisms when determining potential warnings.

The concept of the tool was based on research from HPI Check which found that over 70% of people think that others look different in photos on the internet compared to reality. With this in mind, the ‘date-checker’ was created to highlight that it isn’t just a car people should be pre-checking.

Spotting the warning signs early on through the online tool can help a person make the life changing decision on whether their fancy is better suited for the ‘friend-zone’ as opposed to a more serious ‘Netflix and Chill’ option.

Go try it right now, we’ll wait…

You back? Jokes on you. Guess we will just have to endure those awkward first dates before we find our soulmates.

Kokou Adzo

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