Cannibal Gets ‘Tired’ Of Eating Humans; Walks Into Police Station Carrying Human Limbs

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A lot of people would give an arm and a leg to be considered innocent or an outstanding law-abiding citizen. After all, decency and morality are some of the few things which make us human. Hence, one man from South Africa gave up a literal human leg just to surrender to the law; he was a cannibal and he got tired of eating humans.


Unfortunately, his name was not Hannibal Lecter, nor was he a sophisticated psychiatrist, he was Nino Mbatha, just an unstable killer cannibal. One day in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa, Mbatha simply walked into a police station with a severed human leg and arm in his bag and wanted to confess to a crime.


Apparently, he was responsible for the murder of Zanele Hlatshwayo, a woman who got killed last year. The said murder case was investigated thoroughly because the victim had some missing body parts. Apart from confessing to the said crime, Mbatha also claimed that he needed assistance because he got tired of eating humans.


The police initially did not believe Mbatha because he appeared to be unstable and there was also the fact that he was a local traditional ritual healer. That is, until he produced a severed human leg and hand from his bag.


This prompted an immediate investigation from the police; they quickly went to Mbatha’s house and upon arriving, they found more body parts in a room along with a “bloody, disgusting mess.” Despite the confession and the public uproar, Mbatha was acquitted of the murder because of “insufficient evidence.” No just deserts just yet for Mbatha, and no more human body parts for him, apparently.

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