Canadian Cannabis Stores Face Shortage Supply After Legalization

canadian cannabis

After becoming the first advanced nation to legalize weed, Canadian stores are reportedly already running low on supply.

canadian cannabis
Yup, it pretty much went like this; Photo: Gifer

Accordant to reports, Canadians on the hunt for legal recreational cannabis on Friday not only had to grapple with long lines, but too stock shortages in the wake of the landmark change.

One man dubbed Alexandre was evidently turned away from an establishment when it closed at 9pm, having been waiting in line for a wrenching seven hours!

“It was hell, it was cold,” Alexandre emphasized. “But we had fun anyway, talking with people in the crowd and sharing joints.”

“Yesterday was the day that everyone was waiting for but I think that little by little the queue will decrease,” Alexandre added. Product shortages were also reported in the Arctic territory of Nunavut, and too in the provinces of Newfoundland and Saskatchewan.

The Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17th. Although, due to the pure size of the country, the milestone moment had to sweep the country in ripples, as each time zone struck midnight.

Newfoundland, being the remotest province to the east, was the first to complete a sale, with a festival ambiance taking over the city by 12:00 am as people sparked up joints in the street.

canadian cannabis
Eh, even Ninja Turtles are down with the get down; Photo: Inverse

“Prohibition has ended right now. We just made history,” said 46-year-old Canadian Ian Power.

“I can’t believe we did it. All the years of activism paid off. Cannabis is legal in Canada and everyone should come to Canada and enjoy our cannabis.

“I am going to frame my first legal buy and hang it on my wall. I’m not even going to smoke it. I’m just going to save it forever.”


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