California Man Driving In Fast Lane Gets Ticket… For Going Too Slow

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A lot of people these days would take every opportunity to live in the fast lane. After all, we only get to live once, and not being reckless with something can be one of the few regretful choices you would not take. However, one man in California prefers a slow ride, literally, much to the demise of all the motorists behind him, it turns out too much of something is still bad, even if it’s just slow driving.

One fine day in Chico, California, some driver who was taking his time on the fast lane was causing trouble to the traffic. His car was on the left or fast lane which actually has a speed limit and going below that limit on the said lane can be a traffic violation. As such, the driver had an unwilling caravan of more than 20 cars behind him in the fast lane.

It was not long after a highway patrol officer pulled the car over and gave the driver a ticket for going only 45 miles per hour on a fast lane that has a speed threshold of 55mph. The officer thought that is was quite a rare predicament indeed for a slow driver to get a ticket since it is usually the fast ones that get the violation.

So he posted the ticket online with all the details, and with a reminder to motorists that California Vehicle Code Section 21654 exists and mandates that the right lane is for driving and the left lane for passing. The said officer also got a lot of praises from the internet because of what he did, there simply is no place for slow drivers in the fast lane.

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