Burger King ‘Flame Grilled’ Perfume Will Soon Be A Thing… Maybe

Burger King

It’s a whopper of a product idea: Burger King Whopper scented perfume is rumored to hit Japanese Burger King restaurants very soon, April 1st to be exact. Dubbed ‘Flame Grilled’, the fast food chain says they will offer the limited edition scent for purchase only on April 1. Each perfume purchase will come with a real Whopper sandwich, so you can enjoy the real fragrance as well.

Skeptics aren’t buying the idea. They say it is too much of a coincidence that the company chose April Fools Day to unveil the product. But fans of the iconic burger argue that the day has also been appointed as “Whopper Day.” Believers also say the company wouldn’t put so much effort into marketing an imaginary product. In fact, Burger King began advertising this month.

Burger King

On April 1, Burger King will also offer Whopper passes, which consist of thirty meal passes. Each meal is worth 840 yen ($6.93 USD), so the pass is a deal with a price of 5,000 yen ($41 USD).

For those burger connoisseurs who are interested in the perfume, it is priced at 5,000 yen and is only available for the day.

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