Breast Implants Deflect Bullet & Save Woman’s Life, Physicians Say


In what could be a first in medical history, a woman’s silicone chest implants helped divert a bullet and save her life, according to doctors.

Physicians credit the implants made of silicone for stopping a bullet from hitting the 31-year old’s vital organs. The altercation went down in Toronto, Canada. The woman explained to doctors that she was wandering down the street when she abruptly felt pain and heat on the left side of her breast. She peered down and saw blood, and transported herself to a community emergency room.

via Newsbreak

Doctors treated the lady by extracting the implants and watering the wound. The bullet shattered one of her ribs, but physicians say she could have perished if not for the tricky implants. The gun was never retrieved and the marksman was never identified. The incident took place in 2018, however, the case study summarizing the shooting was published to a medical journal on Monday.

The study said such occurrences are uncommon. There have been a couple of strewn reports of saline boob implants easing down a bullet. Though, the survey authors state this is the first attested case explicitly of a silicone implant modifying a bullet’s trajectory and thereby saving a victim’s life. There is no science to deterring a bullet from striking a vital part of the body once hit. “It’s a matter of total, straight luck,” Dr. Vincent J. M. DiMaio expressed, the author of a gunshot wounds book initially published in 1985, and Bexar County, Texas’ former chief medical examiner.


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