Japanese Women’s Boob Size Wields 40 Years Of Continual Growth


Thanks to a study by lingerie manufacturer Triumph International Japan, we now know the size of Japanese knockers have become larger.

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The survey subjects were Japanese females between 20 and 60 years old. Triumph discovered that whilst only 4.5% of its consumers had needed a D-cup size bra or bigger back in 1980, that percentage by 1990 had broadened to 17.6%. By 2018, the percentage had risen inflated imposingly to 53.1%. Or in layman’s terms, an astounding twelve-fold spike over 40 years. “There are two reasons for this,” noted Shuko Sakata, brand marketing manager at Triumph. “The first is changes in the diet, such as increased meat consumption and westernization in general. The other is because we manufacturers have become better at teaching customers the correct way to select a brassiere. When putting on their bras, women tend to lean forward and by so doing gravity collects fleshy parts on the sides of their torso to fill up the cup. That alone can increase cup size by as much as two sizes.”

Arata Samon, a physician and author, forecasts that 70 to 80% of women’s mammary sizes are dictated by heredity. “But for the remaining 20% or so, nutrition has a certain effect,” he explains. “About 90% of a breast is composed of fat cells. The levels of body fat are determined at three life stages: while still an embryo, while nursing up to around age 3, and then at puberty. If one’s mother ingests a lot of beef or pork during pregnancy, the number of fat cells in the fetus will increase. Then what they consume as children and adolescents, such as meat, dairy products, fried chicken, convenience store sandwiches and so on, will enhance the size of the breasts. If you look back at dietary changes over the past 40 years, the greater ingestion of fats has definitely had an impact on women’s breast size.”


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