Brazil-Chile Game Breaks Twitter Records

Brazil’s game against Chile in the World Cup Saturday has broken new Twitter records, becoming the most tweeted World Cup game ever.

16.4 million tweets related to the match were during the broadcast, according to Twitter.

The game saw Brazil progress to the next round following a 1-1 draw, then a dramatic 3-2 penalty shootout.

As you might expect peak tweets occurred on three occasions throughout the match (per the chart above:) when both teams scored, and then during the penalty shootout.

The World Cup has been a boon for Twitter with record traffic and interest. Having learned the mistakes of the past we also haven’t seen any major outages from the network….yet.

With the tournament now in its elimination phase of the final round of 16 it’s probably wise to guess that we may be seeing some new records fall in the coming two weeks.

Duncan Riley


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