Boy Catches Santa On Hidden Camera [Video]


A 7-year-old boy has captured the video the North Pole doesn’t want you to see! Evan, the young boy, decided he needed physical evidence of Santa’s existence. With a little help from his older brother’s GoPro, Evan set up a hidden camera and was shocked at the footage he saw in the morning.

His uncle, redditor FilmingDrummer, caught wind of Evan’s plan and decided to dress up as jolly St. Nick. He then edited the video and gave Evan the surprise of his life the next morning. Evan was so happy to have his evidence of the jolly old man and his uncle was happy he got away with the prank. The video has became viral on social media exclaiming boy catches Santa.

You can read all about it on Evan’s uncle reddit thread.

You can only wonder how long this video will fool Evan into believing in Santa…

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