Bill Gates Plays Secret Santa On Reddit

Most Redditors get paired up other regular Redditors during the website’s annual Secret Santa. Others get paired up with musicians, actors, or, for one lucky Redditor, the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates.

Gates has done a few Reddit Secret Santa’s in the past. Last year, Gates gifted a real living and breathing cow! (Don’t worry, the cow didn’t go to some random residence. It went to Heifner International.)

Bill Gates may have been in a charitable mood last Christmas but this year he took a different route. He gave Redditor calid7 a full-size replica of the helmet worn by Loki in the movie The Avengers. 

The Redditor posted a picture of her gift along with the message: “The amazing human being Bill Gates sent me a Loki Helmet which i have been dying to own ever since the first Thor movie came out! He read my ‘pie in the sky wish’ that i filled out in my questionnaire and fulfilled it! I also got an amazing coffee table book of gorgeous pictures of Africa (somewhere i desperately want to go, its on my bucket list!) with an inscription and a Giant microbes polio virus stuffed animal!”

bill gates

Bill Gates isn’t the only celebrity to participate in Reddit’s Secret Santa this year. Verne Troyer, a frequent visitor to the site, gave this instant Karma gift.

verne troyer


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