Black Man Stops a Shooting, NRA Mysteriously Silent

The NRA typically loves when people disarm shooters. It thrills them to their terrible bones to see “a good guy with a gun” stop a proverbial “bad guy with a gun.” If anything gives gun nuts a hardon, it’s that. And when it does happen, the NRA typically skips across the mainstream media bragging about how it turns out guns are actually a wonderful part of our society. They are so powerful! They can just kill people super dead at a distance! It makes it totally easy to end another human’s life with little training or awareness!

The NRA’s blather about how guns are just so freakin’ great is the kind of nearly self-aware babble that’s tantalizingly close to grasping the point. It’s crazy that arming the citizenry is someone’s idea of a law enforcement strategy. But it’s baffling to imagine that they somehow don’t get the damage that guns do.

This is also apparently not the case when the person who stopped the shooter is not white and not a gun owner. Because then they have failed to fit into the NRA’s beautiful little narrative. They only care for the white folks in their little club and aren’t particularly interested in reducing gun violence. So it’s not shocking that they might be a little cool on the idea of publicly lauding someone so obviously worth lauding. It would be such an outrageous stretch outside their comfort zone, and how can we expect that?

The best that James Shaw Jr. got for his heroic actions was an appearance on Ellen. She gave him a $225,000 check, so at least there was a solid real-life payback. It’s what the guy deserves for putting his life on the line, and it was brave of him. He didn’t even have to use a long distance killing iron! He just ran up to the dude and clocked him, basically. But the idea that we have to rely on a talk show host to reward Shaw’s bravery is comprehensively disappointing.

Image credit: Democracy Chronicles

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