Bing Social Search Updated, Now Includes 5X More Facebook Friends Data, Offers Status Updates, Links & Comments

Bing Social Search Revamped

Microsoft’s Bing Social Search results have been given a huge Facebook upgrade. The tech giant on Thursday rolled out a social search feature that now includes “five times more of your friends’ content on Facebook is now searchable in the sidebar.”

In previous versions of Bing social search users were treated to Facebook photos from their friends feeds, now that information also includes status updates, shared links and comments.

According to Microsoft:

“For every query, there is at least one person with the right answer.”

The tech firm also says the new output is “easier to see who knows and what they’ve shared related to your search. So when your friends aren’t around, Bing is the perfect stand-in.”

The Bing search function for Facebook will respect all of your friends privacy settings, only allowing users to see information they could already see when permissions were granted.

Microsoft has also launched a new “Friends’ Photo experience” that implemented a larger lightbox to show relevant photos that friends posted on Facebook.

Bing Social Search will also continue to highlight Twitter, Foursquare and other social network data in its search results.

Bing Social Search Revamped



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