Bing Image Search Bonds With Pinterest

Bing Image Search Bonds With Pinterest

On the Bing Blog yesterday, the Bing team announced that they’ve added a Pinterest button to Bing Image search.

“We’re excited to introduce the “Pin to Pinterest” feature on Bing image search. Now, you can pin image results directly from Bing to your favorite Pinterest boards. Whether you’re gathering inspiration for a home decorating project, a Memorial Day BBQ, or a summer vacation, it’s never been easier to find more pictures and keep track of the ones you love most. See something that catches your eye? Just one click and it’s saved to your Pinterest board.”

“Pin to Pinterest” is built in to Bing image search. It’s simple to use.

To try it out, go to and search for something you’re interested in, click on a picture you like, hit the Pinterest button to pin, and if you’re signed in to Pinterest just pick the board you want to pin to and you’re done.

The photo is taken from and links to the original source with proper attribution so it’s good for copyright owners.

Bing decided to add Pinterest to image search after meeting with lifestyle and design bloggers last fall. They learned that bloggers spend a lot of time searching for high quality images that are pin-worthy.

I can’t help but think they missed some of the points of pain those bloggers are trying to solve. Most of the struggle bloggers face with images is finding high quality pin-worthy images that can be used to make a blog post pretty. Bloggers don’t want to violate people’s copyright and are happy to provide links and attribution for photos. Bloggers aren’t struggling to find the original source for an image to pin directly to Pinterest.

With that minor criticism, “Pin to Pinterest” is a nice feature that Bing image search provides to set it apart from Google image search.

Neal Campbell

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