Internet Disappointed After Biden Cancels Student Loan Reliefs

In breaking news all over the US, the Biden administration has just announced student loan reliefs have ended. They have also announced that all student loan payments are to resume by February 1, 2022. In March 2020, anyone with outstanding student debt can get a maximum of 22 months of temporary payment relief. This means that, in response to continuous unemployment brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 40 million Americans are not required to pay for their student loans (and their corresponding interests). It was originally approved by congress for 6 months and was extended by former President Trump until January of 2021.

When Biden became president, he has extended this further up to January of 2022. It was in Biden’s election platforms to help Americans find ease in their student loan payments. While he didn’t actually promise that he will be removing everyone’s debt, he did promise a loan reduction program. In this program, everyone with a student loan can apply for a $10,000 relief. What does this mean? Simply, everyone with outstanding student debt can get a reduction of at most $10,000.

Now that the President has refused to extend the suspension of student loan payments, the internet is both disappointed and angry. Some people are even contemplating whether they voted right during the last Presidential elections. Here are some of the reactions to President Biden’s refusal to extend student loan reliefs:

Promises versus actions?

Everyone is just so disappointed

Not even a crumb?

It’s not going to look good in the mid-term elections for the Democrats

But he can’t just cancel 40 million people’s loans, right?

People are simply not financially ready

We are not still out of this pandemic

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