Twitter Goes Wild Over Former President Trump’s “Winter White House” Christmas Card

Former President Donald Trump is in the limelight again for something that a lot of American’s think is “over the edge”. Are we surprised that he went viral? Actually, no. We are all pretty sure that it is just a matter of time before Trump becomes viral again on the internet like he always was. After he was banned from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter this year, it has been months since we last heard from the guy. What is the reason this time, you ask? A Christmas Card allegedly posted by Trump himself, greeting everyone a Merry Christmas from the Winter White House.

There are a lot of reasons why this post went viral. The first of these was the editing which, honestly, was of truly poor taste. Trump looked like the Christmas Grinch scowling over the holidays. The background made it even more hideous – an oddly placed sleigh, a manger, and five unusual Christmas ball ornaments. This, among others, point to the direction that the image is fake. Regardless, it was successful in putting Trump back on the internet’s map.

Whether it is fake, or this was purely intentional, Twitter still went wild over his “Winter White House” Christmas card. Here are some of the best reactions:

No Barron, no Melania, just Donald

Where is the Winter White House anyway?

Who would you rather have back?

Cheers to 81 Million votes

Does he think he is still President?

It’s glorious?

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