Beyonce and Ducktales Mashup Will Blow You Away [Video]


Beyonce is flawless, flawless, flawless; it’s a scientific fact. Every performance brings millions to tears the whole world over, and people are calling for someone to bottle those tears and use them to cure cancer. Beyonce has done for feminism what Chuck Norris has done for manliness, and we adore her for that.

So here’s another curiously cool addition worthy of the tag #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, because Queen Bey is absolutely always on beat — even to the tune of the Ducktales theme song. And why not, considering it’s one of the most perfect Saturday Morning cartoon theme songs of all time?

We have Youtuber TheBaronessIsAwesome to thank for bringing this masterpiece into our world. The mashup was uploaded on May 28 and now has over 145,000 views and shares within the first few hours of publishing.

That's right, Donald; you better put a ring on it.
That’s right, Donald; Beyonce wants you to put a ring on it. Poor Daisy don’t need no conniptions over the things you get into.

Queen Bey is popping, shaking, and hair-flipping to the music of Donald Duck’s derring-dos and astounding exploits. We can’t think of a better way to add to the thrill and excitement of Saturday morning Disney adventures than with a generous dose of Beyonce realness. Well, that, and I guess a tall pitcher of milk and unlimited cereal.

Does this viral video signal the beginning of a slew of memes and Disney-Bey mashups? Will we ever one day wake up to see a Taylor Swift-Minnie Mouse medley? Will we ever get to see Daisy in that iconic black maillot, gold gauntlet, and heels?

No one knows for sure, but until then, we’ll be content for Kanyo to declare this as one of the best mashups of all time. Of all time!

Watch the viral video here:

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