Best Tweets To Read When You’re a Terrible Cook

Congratulations! You are now (considered, at least) to be a fully-functional adult. You have a decent job, you can pay the rent, pay the bills, and do your laundry. You make it a point to clean the living space every week, and you take your dirty laundry to the laundromat. Excellent!

How are you feeding yourself?

Takeout, you say? Chinese occasionally, pizza every Friday, and ramen whenever?

So, in short, you don’t know how to cook?

We feel you.

Hence, here are a handful of tweets to commiserate with when you just suck as a cook.

It all starts from childhood.

“What do you mean it’s not sushi?!”

You learn to get creative with your other appliances at home.

“Time-tested recipe”, my foot! I’m getting me some Girl Scout cookies.

When you have a date over, it just gets more… interesting.

This one likes to set her partner’s expectations from the start.

And then this person goes and marries you anyway, and then whoops.

and then there’s this whole conflict involving pasta.

So much pasta.

This method of cooking rice is very expensive. Hella expensive.

Will someone please think of the children?!

Okay, that’s it, no dessert for this one.

and this scene when your friends want to do you a kindness.

We know, it’s tough. Please don’t be hard on yourself. Julia Child didn’t happen overnight, and if you watch her episodes, she also messed up quite often. We salute you on your quest to improve your cooking skills. Yo can do it!


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