‘Cookie Dance’ Is Weird, But Strangely Catchy

Chip Chocolate Releases Cookie Dance

Rapper Chip Chocolate finally released his highly anticipated (?) music video for the song “Cookie Dance” on Wednesday, and we have to say that we’re, well … we’re amused. The song first came out as an iTunes single on September 25, and made No. 68 on the UK Singles Chart.

The official music video opens with a young Chip Chocolate sticking his hands in the cookie jar, much to his mom’s frustration. Even though she offers him an apple and tells him eating cookies will get him nowhere in life, he takes the cookie. The scene then cuts to the rapper as he is today, enjoying cookies with a giant chocolate chip cookie on a chain around his neck (think Flava Flav’s clock).

While we’re not sure the “Cookie Dance” will win any MTV VMAs next year, we’re pretty sure the video will become a viral hit, as it trended on Twitter and gained 2,000 views (and more than 21,300 comments) on YouTube in the span of a few hours. As is predictable, the video is getting some dislikes, it has more than 63,000 likes as of Wednesday evening.

While we’d like to think that Chip Chocolate is a serious rapper, we think we know better. The rapper is actually Jesse Wellens, half of the duo behind the YouTube channel PrankvsPrank. Wellens and his girlfriend, Jeanna, like to film themselves playing pranks on each other, then posting them to YouTube, where their channel has more than 548 million views and four million subscribers.

The duo also has a vlogging YouTube channel, called BFvsGF, where they post daily videos about their lives. It was there that they introduced Chip Chocolate with the video “Fruit Assassin.”

While we’re a bit skeptical about Chip Chocolate’s intentions in the rapping world, we have to say, “Do the cookie dance!”

Melissa Stusinski
Melissa grew up in the Seattle area, but moved to Indiana to attend Anderson University in 2005 and was editor at the school's Literary Arts Magazine for two years. When she isn't focused on writing, Melissa enjoys working on cars, gaming, and exploring new places. [Contact: Melissa@socialnewsdaily.com]


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