Tumblr Gets Deep With Food


If you’re on Tumblr, and on the subject of food, you come to learn two fundamental truths: One, food is what keeps us functioning as well-oiled, efficient Tumblr machines, and Two, pizza is everything. EVERYTHING.

So yes, Tumblr users have a pretty deep, nurturing (read: totally dependent) relationship with food — except when you’re a writer or an artist, because it’s either you completely forget you need to eat the whole day straight, or inhale the entire contents of your fridge in one go. And oh yeah, pizza is all, and woe betide anyone who dares touch your precious slice.

Well, you could always go for the next best thing, which is pasta.


Food is handy, and can even serve as a legitimate unit of measurement. I am a scientist, and I can confidently say this is true.


Breadsticks have proven to be an effective means of escape from a date gone horribly wrong.


And you can even put them back in the basket if things just might actually turn out alright.


Popcorn has been found to not just be a crunchy air-popped vehicle for butter and other delightful artificial flavorings, but to also incite deep-seated feelings of existentialism, a strong sense of duality of being, and harmony.


When food is in the equation, there are no gender roles — only infinite loopholes.


And in other equations… I knew there was something up with those insanely confusing word problems.


Lemonade goes quite well with watching your life collapse before your eyes.


When all else fails — Water. Water is key. Keep hydrated. Save the planet.


It’s a McMurder! A McMurder, I tell you!


Because some days, microwaving your food is just too much work.


We can all agree on this, though: Tumblr users? We’re always hungry. ALWAYS.




Images courtesy of Gratisography
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