Best Apps For Planning Your Valentine’s Day [Infographic]

Valentine's Day

Whether you’re trying to find a significant other this Valentine’s Day or you’re just looking for stuff to do with your better half, the below infographic might be able to help.

PGiBlog posted an infographic detailing the best apps at your disposal this coming Valentine’s Day, whether you’re looking for love or trying to plan an unforgettable and romantic date night.

Some highlights:

  • 82 percent prefer an “experience” on Valentine’s Day over anything else.
  • Goby helps you plan unforgettable events and find fun tings to do in your area.
  • Pinterest helps make gift-getting easy, since profiles are filled with “wants” and it’s likely your lady has one.
  • What’s Next helps you figure out a plan B if something goes wrong with your Valentine’s Day plans.
  • Date Escape sets up an SOS call if you really really really need out of the blind date you were set up on.
  • iMeet helps you connect with your sweetie if he or she is miles away.

From Blakely Thomas-Aguilar, Human Interaction Expert at PGi:

“In today’s world, with business travel, global career opportunities and family obligations, spending time away from with your spouse or partner is relatively unavoidable. The secret is learning how to stay engaged and connected even while you’re away—which is especially important on a day like Valentine’s Day. Today’s incredible tech tools give us amazing ways to mimic in-person interactions no matter what distance separates us.”

Check out the infographic below, and let us know what you think. Are these apps useful to your Valentine’s Day? Are there any they missed? Sound off!

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