Bernie Sanders Gets HUGE Surge In Poll Numbers Before Election

Bernie Sanders


Remember when we told you how confident Bernie Sanders was about winning the Democratic primary? He may be right.

Although he was once considered a long-shot, Bernie Sanders not only has a shot at winning the primary, he’s in a good position to become the country’s next president. Sanders’ recent surge in poll numbers, along with some significant endorsements and clear campaign momentum, indicate the battle for Iowa and New Hampshire will be an arduous one—but no impossible to win. In fact, this last week has been a real triumph for Bernie’s campaign, and the good news just keeps on coming.

As Darien Cavanaugh of Reverb Press points out:

“[A poll] conducted from January 6th through 10th by American Research Group (ARG) shows Sanders pulling ahead of Clinton by 3 points (47 percent to 44 percent) in Iowa. The ARG poll also shows Sanders with a 24 percent lead among independents who are likely to participate in the Iowa caucuses. Independent voters are sure to be crucial in the Iowa caucuses, especially since party registration is available on caucus night.”

He continues: “Sanders is currently polling ahead of Clinton in New Hampshire as well, by an average of about 4.3 percent.”

Even sitting Vice President Joe Biden couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for Sanders’ campaign, telling CNN:

“I think that Bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real—and he has credibility on it. And that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth in a small group of people, with the middle class now able to be shown being left out. There used to be a basic bargain. If you contributed to the profitability of an enterprise, you got to share in the profit. That’s been broken. Productivity is up, wages are stagnant.”

He added: “It’s relatively new for Hillary to talk about that. Hillary’s focus has been on other things up until now […] No one questions Bernie’s authenticity on those issues.”

Sanders’ campaign manager, Ted Devine, believes the momentum from an early win in Iowa, New Hampshire, or both, will compliment the infrastructure the campaign has worked so hard to build in other states:

“The momentum that comes from an early victory is huge, and I believe that Bernie’s campaign is in position to take advantage of that momentum. We have strong campaigns on the ground in Nevada and South Carolina, and we have been on radio in Nevada since November and on TV in Nevada since late December.”

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