Bernie Sanders And The Little Bird: A Twitter Story

The Bernie Sanders Bird is making the internet fall in love and Twitter envision the candidate as a Disney Princess.

bernie sanders bird
bernie sanders bird [Twitter/mconway70]

Bernie Sanders recently held a rally in Portland and even the local wildlife wanted to attend. In mid-speech a bird landed on his podium and the crowd erupted. Honestly, this kind of thing can only happen in Portland. The video of the incident is quickly going viral and it just reminds us again how much of a grandfather Bernie Sanders actually is.

The video reminded me a bit of my all-time favorite Bernie pic that showed up on Twitter a few months ago.

The internet loved the bird and in no time there were some great tweets popping up about the moment. Because let’s face it, Twitter was built for this.

There are some wonderful hashtags popping up over this one, #BirdieSanders is just precious.

#FeelTheBird is wordplay at its absolute best.

I really, really hope that there’s soon a children’s book entitled Bernie Sanders & The Little Bird, because this kind of thing just warms our hearts.

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