Being Socially Responsible in the Online World: What You Can Do

We are frequently told that we need to be more socially responsible, but those voices are usually referring to the world outside. There is one other place, however, where many of us go to add content and voice our opinions and that is online.

It is quickly becoming vital that we are socially responsible online too. Here is what you can do to make sure that you are being as socially responsible as possible in the online world.

Moderate Your Comments

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Many people forget that there is someone on the other end of an online interaction since all they can see is their own screen. However, it is extremely important that you remember this and you moderate your comments.

Forums like Twitter and YouTube often allow us to interact with some of the biggest social media influencers of the moment and there is a chance that they will see us talk about them online.

When you include gossip forums and subreddits, online hate can become a real issue for anyone who is trying to make a living through this platform. If you don’t like someone, there is no reason why you cannot simply move on without making a comment.

Invest Ethically

Many people like to invest in various things online to try to build themselves a little extra income. If you are thinking about trying out investments, there are many apps which can help you find your feet. Check out this Betterment review to find out more about a service which allows you to invest in companies which are socially responsible.

This means that you are able to give something back to the community through your investments. Companies like Betterment strive to only invest through companies which are not behaving irresponsibly at a social, environmental, or governmental level, and instead choosing companies which are actively working towards solving environmental and social problems.

You should try to find an investment program which comes with a robo-advisor function to keep you on track. This is an automated program which is able to help you make the best decisions about where you want your money to go. You can also speak to a human advisor if you need to but you should be able to do most of the work through these little robot helpers.

Shop Responsibly

Ethical shopping is on the rise and it is firmly in place even in the online shopping world. One of the first things you can do is direct all of your Amazon purchases through AmazonSmile. This is a program powered and owned by Amazon themselves which allows you to donate a small part of your purchase price towards a charity of your choice.

It won’t cost you anything extra and the donation happens automatically, making it the perfect addition to your online shopping.

You should also try to adjust your new purchases to be as ethical and as socially responsible as possible. There are many clothing brands out there which are becoming affordable for the general consumer whilst still paying their employees fairly. Ditch the fast fashion and start to shop ethically; you can know that your money is going to a great cause while still sourcing amazing pieces to wear.

It is also high time that you look into vegan and cruelty-free toiletries and cosmetics. There are plenty of amazing brands out there which can help you to look fantastic without harming animals in any way.

Keep Yourself Safe

You might act perfectly online but you still need to protect yourself from attacks. It can be devastating to wake up to find out that our social media has been hacked and horrible comments have been sent out through our names and faces without ever actually coming from us.

It is down to you, and you alone, to make sure that your devices are adequately protected against malware and threats. Download a good antivirus for your devices and stay away from any sites which are flagged as having threats.

Regularly change your passwords and always make sure that your most important details like your banking have a unique password attached to them. Basic internet safety is so often forgotten about but it needs to be properly addressed so you can keep yourself safe and ensure that you are acting responsibly online.

As can be seen, there are many ways someone could ensure that they are behaving in a socially responsible manner in the online world. You need to make sure that you know exactly how you are interacting online at all times, while also ensuring that those interactions are positive.

Social responsibility is becoming increasingly important in the online world and it is down to us as users to ensure that our activities online are what we need them to be. Take a look at how you conduct yourself online and start to make changes now.



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