Bathroom Break On Road Trip Leads To $150,000 Lottery Jackpot

bathroom break

A North Carolina father taking a family road trip to gander at Christmas lights said his kids’ bathroom break resulted in a $150,000 lottery jackpot.

via Gifer; A man from North Carolina taking his family on a road trip to view oceanside Xmas lights in Virginia won $150k from a scratch-off lottery ticket he purchased when his kids needed to stop to utilize the restroom

Travis Porch of Gaston informed Virginia Lottery officials he was taking his family to peer at the oceanfront lights in Virginia Beach when his children needed to stop to use a restroom.

Porch stopped at a 7-Eleven in Suffolk, where he elected to procure a pair of Cash Money scratch-off tickets. He won $15 from the first ticket, while the second converted him into a $150,000 jackpot winner.

Porch stated he intends to pay off some of his mortgage and stash the rest of the cash into savings.

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Hopefully, Porch doesn’t blow his lottery blessing like Lisa Arcand (did).

Arcand, in 2004 won $1,000,000 in the Massachusetts lottery. She purchased a house and went on several vacations (like most winners do). Though, a million bucks isn’t much after taxes, so she too opened a restaurant to bring in some additional income.

Woefully, within a few years Arcand ran out of cash and closed the failing restaurant. In 2007, she spoke of her lottery jackpot experience, “Actually, it’s been very depressing.”


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