Man Wins Second Lottery Jackpot While Waiting To Claim His First One!

lottery jackpot

A man from Oregon arrived to claim his prize at a lottery office too early, therefore he dropped by a local grocery store and won a second lottery jackpot.

lottery jackpot
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Sam Hawley, of Portland, went to his local lottery office to claim his $,1,750 prize and . . . ended up winning $118,000, in addition!

Hawley, informed Oregon Lottery officials he showed up at the organization’s Wilsonville Payment Center around 7:30 a.m. to claim a $1,759 Special Keno 8-Spot prize, however promptly found out that the office did not open until 8:30 a.m.

Hawley then walked to the adjacent Wilsonville Fred Meyer store and with the same numbers purchased another Keno 8-Spot ticket. “I have used the same numbers for years,” said Hawley.

lottery jackpot
via Gfycat; Hopefully, Hawley didn’t feel this way..

He explained he was in the procedures of claiming his $1,750 prize when he observed his new ticket had won him an $118,000 jackpot.

Hawley won the $93,759.60 rolling jackpot and a $25,000 bonus for matching all eight numbers,  as well.

Now we know they say the early bird gets the worm, but – nobody said nothing about a pot of gold!

lottery jackpot
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20 years later, the lottery has spawned approx 3,700 millionaires. The odds of winning a grand prize (i.e. Mega Millions) are 350 billion to one, it’s said.

Still a family from Tipton, West Midlands has actually won three separate jackpot, totaling $3.25 million!

The most drawn Lottery ball, too, is 38—since 1994 it has been drawn 314 times.


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