Location-Based App Banjo Rolls Out Big Features

There aren’t a whole lot of location-based apps out there, but Banjo looks to take the traditional experience to the next level with several new features. The app has been around since the summer of 2011 and had its big breakthrough at SXSW 2012.

With the new features, users will see a news feed similar to what’s seen on Facebook, the ability to see second level connections (friends connected with friends), and now a list of places where your connections are active.

What makes Banjo different from say Foursquare, is that it’s not just your typical check-in app. It pulls information from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Foursquare, and sorts that information by location.

You can opt into content from a specific location and whenever a friend from any of the included social networks is found to be there or nearby, you’ll get an alert.

It’s a pretty cool concept and provides a cool way of connecting in real life with friends. With the introduced news feed, you can view content from both all your friends, or just content posted within a certain location.

Some people may look at Banjo as a bit creepy, but the reality is, people are freely posting content and knowingly including a location. It’s not doing anything sketchy. Whether you actually want to encounter a certain friend from Facebook, Twitter, and so on in real life, is another thing.

It has quite a bit of potential and with 3 million users, it’s off to a great start. You can download the app for Android or iOS and check it out yourself.



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