Google Plus Announces 15-Person Hangouts For Apps Customers Only

The Google motto, especially with Google Plus, is “always be shipping” and now for Google Apps customers, you’ll be able to have a Hangout with up to 15 people. Previously, you could only have up to 10 people which wasn’t bad at all to begin with.

If you’re a regular user, the 10 person limit will remain the same. This small increase is said to better aid businesses, schools, and government employees who rely off of video chat to communicate with others wherever they may be.

Google Plus Hangouts are a great way to connect with others and interact as close as face-to-face as possible. It was just a few months ago that Google announced that developers have built over 200 apps specifically for Hangouts.

The increased limit will roll out over the next few days to Apps for Government, Apps for Business, and Apps for Education customers. Ronald Ho, Google Apps Product Manager, said that this will the first time that any school, not just those that are verified, will be able to access Google Plus.

Shortly after the news dropped, feedback from users has been really good. Chee Chew who is the Engineering Director behind Hangouts, had this to say:

“In our internal testing, we found that social conversations break down if it’s too large. If you’re at dinner with 15 people, you usually shard into separate conversations or you start talking over each other really badly. However, in a business meeting where it’s structured, a 15 person meeting works reasonably well so now we’re enabling 15 person hangouts for biz.”

Skype should be a bit worried with Google Plus Hangouts quickly becoming the premier video chat tool for millions worldwide.



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