‘Bachelor’ Contestant Gets Wasted Drunk [Video]

Chris Soules

The popular reality show, ‘The Bachelor’ is no stranger to alcohol, lots of alcohol. On the upcoming season premiere, it seems one contestant takes it too far. E! Online has the exclusive footage. Meet Tipsy Tara, who claims her best friends are Jameson, Johnny Walker and Jack Daniels. If that isn’t a red flag, what is?


You can’t help but cringe as you watch Tara stumble around. Even she calls herself, a “f***ing train wreck.” Every season there is always that one contestant that likes their liquor a little too much and it looks like Tara could be our girl this season.

Season 19 will follow bachelor, Chris Soules’ journey to find the love of his life. At the first meet and greet, the girls gather to meet the “farmer bachelor.” In walks, Tara, “a sport fishing enthusiast” from Florida.

The most hilarious moment of the night happens during the rose ceremony, the time when Chris will choose which ladies he wants to stay and get to know better. Tara is heavy breathing, yawning, hiccuping and at one point, almost stumbles off the podium. Chris doesn’t get any amusement from her drunken antics, he walks out of the ceremony to talk with the show’s host, Chris Harrison.

“I was going to pick her, but Tara’s wasted-drunk,” Soules explains.

“Does that mean you want her to go home or give her a chance to get to know her?” Harrison asks.

So, does Tara get a rose? Our questions will be answered on The Bachelor season premiere, Monday at 8/7 central on ABC.



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